Laramie's Infinite Neck - chord/note finder

This tool is useful when you already know the notes you want to play, and want to see the pattern and options all the way up the neck. There are many "chord name finder" tools online you can search for. Use those to tell you what notes are in, say, Cmaj7, which would be C, E, G, B. Click those letters in this tool and see all the spots you can play in an arpeggio or chord. You could also add scale notes, mode notes, enclosure notes, or passing tones in different colors so you can visualize these patterns up the neck.
The idea is that you'd work on one pattern at a time, and screen grab any that you want to keep.


Refresh page in browser to clear all colors and highlights.
Click a color radio button to select a color.
Click any cell. All cells of that note name turn the selected color.
    e.g. Click C, E, and G. Now you have all Cmajor chords shown.
Click the white color radio button, then any note name you want to clear.
Click the black color radio button, then any note name you want to black out so just the legal notes have letters.
Check the 'Highlight' checkbox to put a border around just one square, e.g. to highlight the actual chord voicing you would play.
Un-check the 'Highlight' checkbox and click a cell to clear the highlight.
Click the 'keep' radio button, to keep the color of a square while highlighting.
Click the 'keep' radio button, and un-check 'Highlight, to avoid making changes when scrolling around on mobile.

The Help link creates this page up a new tab/window, so you can close this window. But here's a link to the application page: Infinite Neck

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